What is a Closed World?

 A “closed world” is one in which the language of the EULA differentiates the virtual world as a game space which is not subject to the real world laws and other requirements.  If a player fails to comply with the obligations of the “closed world”, the developer has the ability to shut down an account.  Under the general terms of a “closed world” EULA, there is no sense of private property, since the virtual world is wholly owned by the designers and builders.  “Closed worlds” generally share the same element that the entire world is created by the game designer and players are limited in what they can create, if anything.  In some “closed worlds” players may only choose Avatars from the options provided with some limited ability to modify (again with modification options being provided) and may only communicate using certain prewritten responses.  Other “closed words” do provide some additional freedoms or options for user creativity, but under strict conditions.  The EULAs of “closed worlds” usually contain similar language providing that the game designer owns everything in the world and that the user merely has a limited, revocable license to play the game.  Moreover, to the extent that a player may be able to create some item in the game that has any real world value, protection or other rights, the EULA specifically dictates that any such rights are transferred to the game designer.  Additionally, specific provisions expressly claim ownership of all content created using the game or virtual world engine.